17 Easy-to-Maintain, Hardy Indoor Plants

October 9, 2015


Whether it’s an outdoor courtyard garden or vibrant potted plant in the corner of a room, plants add that extra ‘something’ to a space. This doesn’t mean that you have to rush out and spend a fortune either – often the most effective displays are simple and elegant plantings.

Indoor house plants not only add a splash of colour but also have health benefits for you and your family. Plants increase oxygen levels in a room – by doing so, this can help to counteract any lingering fumes from chemical cleaning agents and other harmful products.
Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the easiest houseplants to grow year round, so even the most inexperienced of gardeners can enjoy a bit of life in their home!

Spider plants

These green and white die-hard plants will survive on minimal care and can be potted in a variety of different ways. They love medium to strong light and well draining soil, so do well in hanging baskets. Water regularly and remove dead leaves for a healthier plant. Safe for kids and animals.

Snake plants

Tall and ribbon-like, these hardy plants feature green and striped yellow edges. This plant loves to be ignored and does well with dry soil in any lighting conditions.


If you’re after something that’s more like an indoor tree, this is the choice for you. Height depends on the size of the pot, but these glossy leafed shrubs can grow as high as 4 metres. The flexibility of the trunk allows it to be braided to create a unique feature, but the plant doesn’t like to be moved around so pick your placement carefully.


Resembling a tropical palm, this low maintenance plant is easy to care for as it loves to be neglected. Remember to dust the leaves occasionally to keep the plant looking good. Avoid around kids and animals.

Heart-shaped philodendron

This is the smaller, vine-type version of the philodendron family, and is just as low maintenance as its ancestor. It loves to have its soil dried out between waterings and does well in most lighting conditions.

English ivy

This cute miniature ivy looks great in small pots and can easily be grown from cuttings. It likes well drained soil and regular watering. Although it will need regular pruning, it can easily be trained up poles to create a feature.

Aloe vera

Not only does this cactus style plant look spectacular, but its healing properties have made it popular in kitchens for centuries. Simply break open a piece of the leaves and put the gel directly on burns and cuts for instant relief. This hardy succulent loves the sunlight and regular watering in well draining soil.

The Shamrock plant

Coming in emerald green and deep purple variations, the Shamrock plant thrives in filtered sunlight. Water minimally – once a week is enough – and keep in a well draining pot. Safe around children and animals.

Rubber tree

Growing up to three metres high, this plant will grow to three times the size of the pot it’s held in. If you want a smaller plant, use a smaller pot. Another easy maintenance plant that likes medium to strong light, this thrives best if you let the roots dry out between waterings and is safe around animals and kids.

Christmas cactus

Another old favourite, the Christmas cactus is known for its low maintenance and brilliant display of red flowers over Christmas season. Prune the dead flowers off to encourage growth, and make sure the roots can drain easily to prevent rot.

Flamingo flower (anthurium)

Although this vibrant lily-style flower puts on a showy display, the blooms are toxic for kids and pets. They’re best kept out of direct sunlight with moist, well draining soil.


These brightly coloured flowers like filtered light and humid conditions, so do well in bathrooms and rooms with minimal light. Their dark, heart shaped leaves make a great contrast to the vibrant, seasonal flowers.

Cast iron plant

The glossy green leaves and hardy nature have made the cast iron plant an indoor favourite for decades. Keep out of direct sunlight and water weekly for a healthy plant.

Maidenhair fern

Another pet/child friendly option that likes filtered light, this delicate looking plant loves bathroom-like conditions. Allow the soil to dry out occasionally, and don’t overwater.

Areca palm

This is one of the ‘fluffy’ style palms, with lots of feathery green foliage that prefers filtered light. Do not overwater, and make sure it’s in a well draining pot. Always remove dead foliage and keep the soil moist for best results.

Asparagus fern

Known for its spiky foliage, the asparagus fern also develops little white flowers and red berries when grown in bright light. Keep the berries away from pets and animals as they are poisonous.

Peace lily

Filtered, darker rooms are the best place for a peace lily. Let their pure white blooms and glossy green leaves brighten up dark corners. Keep the soil moist and remove the dead foliage for best results.


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