Multi-unit site (11 units) – Baldivis

The development was an unusual one because the developer had already had plans drawn up by a reputable builder who recommended a maximum of nine homes be built on his lot. Having turned to Endeavour Projects, the developer benefitted from our wealth of experience and broad thinking and was told by his Projects Development Consultant that the lot had the potential for eleven dwellings. The client has since returned to us with another development site.

Lot Analysis: R40 zoning, built strata development
Lot Yield: 11 homes (2,977 square meters)
Location: City of Rockingham

Note: The new homes were sold to a mix of first home owners and investors wanting to rent the homes out and maximise their investment return.


Development Type

Asset 5

Multi-Unit Development

Combining practical design sense and many years of experience, Endeavour Projects is the ideal team to help you to navigate those larger developments. Maximise your investment with excellent design and a professional approach to the entire planning and construction process.


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Gemmill Homes has recently changed its name to Endeavour Homes!!!

We are excited with the new name Endeavour Homes, business has been great for our customers and us last year, despite all the craziness of 2020.

Here are some wins:

1. Every one of our display homes won MBA awards in their categories.

2. One of our homes even won an MBA best home in Australia.

3. Most importantly, we have built some beautiful homes for our clients.

Why the name change you may ask?

Here are the two main reasons:

1. We reinvented the way we help clients and have a new way to provide better service, better quality and happier clients than ever before. We want to celebrate these changes with our new name.

2. We want to align the business name to our sister brand Endeavour Constructions as the business has been owned by the same family since our inception in 2004.

Anyway, enough about us…now it’s your turn, have a look around our website and see how we can help you.

All the best the Endeavour Homes Team