19 Aussie Interior Design Blogs for Inspiration

January 4, 2016

If you love reading about what others think about interior design and want to keep up to date with all the latest trends, you should make sure you’re in the know by following some interior design blogs. There’s a great range of different blogs out there, and a lot of them are written by passionate people who just love anything and everything to do with design – whether it’s inside or outside of the home. Here are 20 of our favourite interior design blogs to get you inspired and ready to start on that next home decorating project!

If you love reading about what others think about interior design and want to keep up to date with all the latest trends, you should make sure you’re in the know by following some interior design blogs. There’s a great range of different blogs out there, and a lot of them are written by passionate people who just love anything and everything to do with design – whether it’s inside or outside of the home.

Here are 20 of our favourite interior design blogs to get you inspired and ready to start on that next home decorating project!

1. Interiors Addict

Former journalist and magazine editor Jen Bishop decided that she wanted to turn her passion and love for interior design into a blog. Starting as a bit of a hobby, her website grew and now functions more like a news website. Updated four times a day, you won’t be disappointed with this site if you really want to be in the know.

2. The Design Files

Starting in 2008, the Design Files has quickly become one of the most popular design blogs online, with a large following on their associated Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook pages as well. Editor Lucy Feagins has also contributed to various other publications like Inside Out and The Age Melbourne, and has also appeared on The Block. Sorted by categories, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for whether it be furniture, lighting, flowers, or anything else!

3. Ish and Chi

Ish and Chi is actually short for fish and chips, but this isn’t a food blog. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about decorating, with style ideas and even interviews with creative professionals. The blog is run by interior designer Vivian Panagos, and one of the things we love most about her blog is how personalised it is. Not only does she cover upcoming trends in interior designs, but she’s showcased her own wedding proposal as well as the decorating of her home. It’s a refreshing look at someone’s work from both a personal and professional perspective.

4. Katrina Chambers

You may recognise Katrina Chambers from the popular renovation show The Block. After appearing as a contestant on the show in 2011, she’s since found the time to write a blog while also being a mother to 3 adorable kids. She’s been blogging since 2006 and has now become a steady and popular face in the digital media world. Her blog is excellent, with some great DIY and How To posts for those who like to think themselves a bit handy. An interesting section on the site is Floor Plan Friday, in which Chambers share floor plans found online that are appropriate for different land sites.

5. Get in My Home

Emily Osmond’s blog isn’t updated as often as some of the other ones mentioned here, but what’s lacking in post frequency is made up for with excellent attention to detail and quality content. The style of the blog is free-flowing and pretty to look through, with lots of images to provide some much needed visual inspiration. One of the latest posts on how to make the most of the summer weather in and around your home is a great way to get started on some projects to make your home an even better place to live.

6. A Beach Cottage

A Beach Cottage is actually everything you’d imagine it would be with a name like that. If you’re into the beach chic look, coastal vintage styles, and a laid back appearance that only a beach house (or a home styled that way) can have, then you need to feast your eyes on this blog. If you don’t currently own a beach house, this blog will make you want to at least set up a room or part of your house to reflect that vibe. This blog has loads of inspiring images to take you on your journey, as well as a nifty post on how to use a hammock in the home.

7. Yellowtrace

More like a web publication than a blog at times, Yellowtrace is a very modern approach to the world of interior design and decorating. It not only covers home interiors, but also features design in restaurants and bars that are well worth looking at for inspiration. There are also some great images and posts on photography, art, and travel pieces, which will inspire you to become more creative both inside and outside of your home.

8. Style Curator

Style Curator has a little bit of everything for everyone. Whether you have expensive tastes or want to improve your home with a little bit of DIY beauty, this blog has a lot of information and images to get you inspired. A great example is the Kmart Hacks post, showing you how to create a really snazzy looking laundry sorter. The post shows you how to turn the standard Kmart laundry sorter into a stunning black and white piece with calligraphy. You don’t need much to create this look, it just looks awesome, and Style Curator is full of tips on reinventing simple buys from Kmart and other stores as well.

9. ArchitectureAU

ArchitectureAU is an informative site with lots of great news on the latest in design and interior decorating. It’s also a great site to find out what’s happening all over Australia in the world of homes and interior design. No matter where you live, if there’s an event near you it will be showcased here. There are also some great posts on renovated buildings and homes that have been transformed by decorating alone. This is a great site to get you started on thinking outside the box when it comes to design.

10. The Life Creative

The Life Creative is a fascinating blog that can really work to inspire you and make the most out of your home. From outdoor areas near the pool to posts about living in your first home, The Life Creative has it covered. One excellent post, though not exactly to do with design itself, is one on decluttering your home. There are also some great tips on how to get rid of items you feel like you may want one day, and how to best decide on what things to keep and what can be removed.

11. Design Addicts Platform

This site will cover a wide range of things from interior design to architecture. There are plenty of posts on Australian designs and homes, as well as some great homes showcased from around the world. Large images and details on the design features within the images makes the site both informative and the designs accessible to the reader. This site is going to leave you so inspired, you’ll be following it just to keep an eye on all the upcoming trends. The Queensland home in this post will certainly make you want to move to the sunshine state and build your own home.

12. Paint Me White

Sandy Palmer is the woman behind this blog, a decorative painter with a passion for upcycling based on the Gold Coast. If you’re more into the visual side of things, this is the site for you. There aren’t many words on the blog, but there’s plenty to see. You can scroll through and look at all the images of her home and project before and afters. If you love shabby chic you’ll find a lot of that on this blog amongst Palmer’s restorations.

13. Absolutely Beautiful Things

Starting in 2006, this blog is packed full of absolutely beautiful things. Anna Spiro is an interior designer based in Brisbane, Queensland and has posted on her blog over a number of years, showcasing some of her wonderful finds, inspiration, and thoughts behind her work. Spiro has an online version of her retail store, where you can view items for sale and gain some more inspiration. There are plenty of images to scroll though for those visual lovers.

14. The Happy Home Blog

With four children and a hubby to chase after, this ex-journalist began blogging about making a life with her family and keeping her home happy and loving. Again, there’s plenty of inspirational images for those who prefer to see than read. There are also some nice and easy posts on creating some nice items for the home. The DIY projects are simple but are a great way to get started on making some of your own home accessories. This post on making a painted cork tile pinboard is a must-see!

15. Daily Imprint

Interior design, fashion, art, and photography are all covered in the Daily Imprint. You can read some great interviews with artists and designers, and get to know them a little better while seeing images of their work and style. Although there are some great images and visuals on the site, it’s more about the story behind the designers and artists, so it’s a great read if you want to see what inspires others in their daily life.

16. Design Hunter

Design Hunter looks at different home designs in and around Australia. They showcase some brilliant and inspiring homes that have either been newly built or renovated. The associated Pinterest feed is also a must-see if you’re looking for some quick inspiration. One of the feature posts showcases a one of a kind sustainable home built in Blairgowrie. The stunning photography showcases how incredible the home is without you having to use much imagination, and that’s what makes this site so great.

17. Homely Creatures

It’s hard to know how recent this blog is due to the lack of date stamps on the posts, however the content is very much worth looking at regardless. It’s the perfect blog for those with young kids who want to be inspired on ways to design and decorate for the children. There are some lovely nursery images that will make you think about some new ways to design and decorate a room for a baby. Images on this page are soft and flowing, perfect for the look and feel of children’s interior design and decorating.

18. House by the Water

This is a personal account by a family who bought a block of land and decided to build their dream home. It’s both inspiring and friendly, and really helps you to get to know the blogger and their family on a personal level. There’s plenty of inspiration in the form of images, and loads of people also building their own homes add their comments discussing their journey. The site is a great read and there’s a real community to get involved with here.

19. The Little Design Corner

Nearly everything is covered here, from food, fitness, and interior design to school and time management. Clare Le Roy is a mother of three that still manages to find time to blog about a number of things. The recent projects page can really get your creative juices flowing and help you get a good look of the kind of work The Little Design Corner can help you achieve. There are plenty of images for all over the home, including ideas for kid’s rooms, which are often forgotten about when looking at home design.

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Here are some wins:

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