4 Ideas To Inspire Your Own Country Kitchen

September 9, 2016

4 Ideas To Inspire Your Own Country Kitchen

If you’re looking to remodel your existing kitchen, or maybe you’re installing a new one, a country style may be the perfect fit for you. Country style kitchens are making a big comeback and for good reason. They add a brightness to your kitchen, that’s also warm and inviting.

For some ideas on different ways you can create a cosy, country look in your kitchen, look no further.


Whether you are considering a full renovation, or looking for simple and inexpensive tricks for creating a country look in your kitchen, using colour can be a great way to achieve this. The great part is, there is no one colour that defines country interior design, so you have the choice to tailor your colour scheme to your personal preference and taste.

Black: Black cabinets with a distressed finish can bring the old-world charm to your kitchen. Adding a stainless steel splashback can give it a modern twist, as well as protect the stone tiles on the walls.

Blue: When you picture a cottage kitchen, you might immediately think of off-white and beige tones, but there are ways to use bright colours in your country kitchen. A blue styled kitchen can give your country inspiration an instant British feel.

Orange: Not a fan of blue? How about warmer tones? White cupboards and off-white accents, with bright orange walls add warmth and interest. This particular colour is also reminiscent of the country-side and add a Tuscan flavour, perfect for the country theme of the kitchen.

Browns and coppers: You can also use colour through your kitchen accessories. Try adding weathered baskets and copper pots to your walls and bench tops. Not only can they be used, but their colours add some interest and authenticity to your country kitchen.


For a truly traditional country kitchen, wood is an important style feature, and there are many different ways you can add wood to your kitchen.

Ceiling beams: Ceiling beams are often not used in modern designs, however by incorporating them into your kitchen, you can make it feel like an old country farmhouse. By having a vaulted ceiling covered in wooden planks, you can create a sense of country that is hard to find with a standard ceiling.

Tables and chairs: You can add even more warmth by using a large wooden table as the centre piece of your kitchen, and bringing the family together for meals. You might even choose to introduce expertly crafted wooden chairs for an authentic and unique touch.

Cabinets: For your cabinetry, the common choice for country kitchens is maple, oak, cherry and pine.


If you want to go all out in your country kitchen design, consider adding a traditional fireplace or wood fired pizza oven for some extra warmth in the winter months.

Tuscan-style fireplace: If you have the capability to, adding a Tuscan-style fireplace in the kitchen area is a must. Adding warmth and a sense of togetherness, a fireplace can be used as a heat source, or an open cooking appliance.

Wood fired stove: Adding older-styled cooking tools such as a wood fired stove can add a great country feel, but also provide some extra warmth in the home.


Along with the key features of your kitchen, there are many other ways you can create a country style in your kitchen through accessories.

Island: If you want to add a hint of country taste to your modern kitchen, a great way to do this is by adding an island. This can easily be done through purchasing an older piece and renovating it by adding a marble top.

Chalkboard: How about incorporating a chalkboard into your design? This can be used to write down ingredients or quick recipes. It can add a true rustic feel to the room, as well as be a

Plates: Displaying your plates is the perfect way to finish off your kitchen. If you have some specialty plates that are worth viewing, having them out on display adds a nice classic touch to your kitchen, plus they won’t just be sitting in a cupboard collecting dust.

Low hanging lights: Low hanging lights, especially metallic ones, can help with your rustic appearance. Paired with other metallic accents and hints of leather, you will be able to create a country kitchen in no time.

Traditional basin: Considering using a traditional style basin with a dark sink base. These types of sinks are commonly found in cottages across Europe, so will be an excellent choice for your design.

Fabrics: Certain types of fabrics and patterns are common to country interiors. Gingham, toile and plaid patterns on your curtains and tea towels echo the pastoral style and farming traditions of historical country kitchens.


You can easily achieve any style of country kitchen following these design ideas. Whether you want a bright kitchen, or something a little more subtle, you can add as many, or as few, rustic features as you like to create the kitchen of your dreams. There are also plenty of modern twists you can add, to keep a luxurious feel in your cooking area.


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