10 Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Kid’s Room

September 7, 2015

When decorating your child’s room, the usual interior design rules may not necessarily need to apply. With kids, the name of the game is fun, and creating a room that your kids will love to spend time, play, and be inspired should be the focus.

When decorating your child’s room, the usual interior design rules may not necessarily need to apply. With kids, the name of the game is fun, and creating a room that your kids will love to spend time, play, and be inspired should be the focus.

Wall mural

A wall mural can provide a striking and inspiring focal point for a room. Choosing something with your child can be a fun experience for both of you, and ensures that they end up feeling connected with the design. If your kid loves space, consider a space-themed mural, or if they love horses, maybe a country mural could be the thing that turns their room from plain into a place they love to be in.

Maximising space

Trundle beds and smart storage spaces can really help to make a room versatile. Ensuring the cupboards and shelves are stored at your child’s height will help them to always keep things organised in the room. Bunk beds are a great option as kids love them, and you can purchase convertible units that can later be split into two single beds when the kids grow older. More space in the room will allow your kids more freedom to play around with the space and have fun.

Chalkboard paint

Taking the element of wall creativity to new heights, chalkboard paint can allow your kids to be inspired and unleash their artistic side on their own walls – without doing any permanent damage. This blank canvas will allow them to dictate what’s on their walls, and they can then use it for jotting down notes, studying, or just drawing and having fun!

Create a canopy

Kids love the adventure and mystery of a cubby house, tent, or fortress. Creating a canopy that can be housed over their bed can provide an easy way for your kids to set up their next adventure. Kids love cubby houses, and this could be as simple as mounting a sheet with some drawstring over their bed. Inspire some adventure and imagination in your kids and let them feel that their space is separate from the rest of the home.

Creative shelves

Using flat objects such as skateboards for storage can provide an inspiring alternative to standard shelving. Old pallets are another option for storage shelves, particularly for shoes! Simple creative ideas like this can help your kids consider their bedroom as a special place where they can go to enjoy their interests and have some time to themselves.

Put a sock on it

The humble sock can be an interesting way to add some colour to a room while protecting floors and furniture. Putting a coloured sock over table legs and chair legs will inject an extra element of fun into a room, and even save you valuable dollars in floor scratches and repairs!

Rolling furniture

Adding skateboard wheels to things such as bookshelves or toy chests can add obvious practicality, as they let you reposition large items with ease. Furthermore, they can even encourage your children to put things back where they belong as they might enjoy wheeling their toy chest back to the corner.

Ceiling stickers

In addition to providing an interesting element to an underutilised surface, glow in the dark stickers and paints can result in extra motivation for your child to turn out the lights at bedtime!


Kids love to collect clippings, and giving them a space where they can pin these is great for their imaginations, and provides an easy way to inject some colour into a wall. It will also give them a creative outlet and allow them to refresh their clippings whenever they like, making for a good activity as well as encouraging your kids to use their brains.

Study space

Creating a productive environment for your child to sit down and focus on their homework can be as easy as setting up an allocated corner in which you can install a compact desk, drawers, chair, and lamp. The more inviting and fun this space is to be in, the more time they’ll want to spend there.

Decorating your child’s room can bring an opportunity to spend quality time with them and involve them in the process. It can also help you make efficient use of the space, and remembering that your kids’ room doesn’t need to match the rest of your home is paramount.


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