8 Innovative Trends in Kitchen Design

September 4, 2015

Have you ever been so blown away by another person’s kitchen that you returned home with an aching desire to spruce your own kitchen up?

It can be difficult to know where to begin when incorporating new ideas into your kitchen, so we’ve compiled a list of eight of the most creative kitchen design touches out there today.

Reclaimed wood

Revive the throwaways of man and nature, and bring beauty and charm to different areas of your kitchen. A large, thick, reclaimed and refinished wooden board can provide an excellent island topper. For a rustic but modern look, cut and frame the wooden board with newer, painted wood or metal. This can completely renew tired backsplashes and island walls.

Reclaimed wood can be used in a number of ways in kitchen design, including cabinetry, flooring, wall art, and table design.

Bright colours

Add some pizazz to a monotone kitchen and incorporate some bright colors. There are uncountable places to begin, from adding intermittent splashes of colourful tile amidst a white backsplash, to adorning old or inexpensive cupboards in vibrant hues.

Glass printed in bright scenes or patterns can be affixed to plain surfaces, adding some colours to areas like the backsplash or side of an island. Similarly, a vivid piece of wall art can bring life to dull walls.

Oversized sinks

Not only is a large sink practical for washing loads of dirty dishes (or bathing small pets), it also makes a bold design statement while remaining reminiscent of a farmhouse from days past.

Yet with all the different kinds of choices in materials, from burnished metallics to soapstone, there’s no reason for your sink to look like it belongs in the past. Different compositions and methods of integration with your kitchen can keep the concept fresh and interesting.

Repurposed islands

Islands have become an integral part of most kitchens today, regardless of whether the space is enormous or tiny. Repurposing old unused furniture, such as a vintage dresser, increases both counter and storage space. A metallic or stone topper completes the picture, and adding a hinged leaf can further increase surface area without permanently sacrificing space.

Islands can also double as eating spaces by creating a bar or hi-top table option. If the island is open underneath, the space can be utilised for hanging objects like pots and pans.

Nature art

If you have a love for the great outdoors, why not bring some of that into your kitchen? Start with nature-oriented earthy colours and textures, like wooden accents. In addition to reclaimed wood, options like natural and live wood give softer contours to offset the sharper corners usually found in most kitchens.

Consider different stone varieties if you’re looking for something similar to a tiled backsplash, or employ a nature mosaic print for a dramatic effect to go with more basic or monotone cabinetry.

Patterned accents

Solid coloured walls have become a popular choice, but how about adding a patterned wall to accent your kitchen? There’s nothing like a full wall adorned with some lively wallpaper to bring vibrancy into any space.

If patterning a smaller area sounds more appealing, the backsplash provides a great place to accent as well. Why not try a bold, eye-catching geometric arrangement in bright colours, or a dual-colored chevron backsplash?

Creative flooring

Creating a patterned accent need not only apply to a wall… the floor is another underutilised space in kitchen design. Inexpensive linoleum can be spruced up by choosing complementary colours and arranging the lino in a zigzag or tiled pattern to create a checkerboard effect.

Wooden flooring can be given a new look by alternating it with a solid color to create large stripes, or entire patterns can be done over one sweeping piece of flooring material.


Are you a tree-hugger at heart? Show it off in the kitchen! This is one design principle that isn’t as centred around looks as it is around functionality. The vast array of technologies available today makes it easy to create a kitchen that is both purposeful and energy-conscious. As this is generally a concept grown from a more minimalist approach, it’s also a great idea for small spaces. The next time you have company over, you can be prepared to wow them with the efficiency and eco-friendliness of your kitchen.


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