DIY Series: 8 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Beautiful

October 31, 2016

Let’s face it: your home smells. You might not be able to sense it, but the fact is that every home has its own particular scent. Sometimes, through no real fault of our own, it’s not a good scent.

Perhaps you’ve had a pair of dogs running around for several years, or the kids keep forgetting to flush or put their dirty laundry away. Whatever the reason, your home may not be as pleasing to the nose of visitors as you might think.



Candles are a tried and tested tool for filling your home with a pleasant scent. Buy some scented candles and place them all around the house where you think there might be a problem. This would include the bathrooms and where the pets spend most of their time. You can set up a lot of candles to overwhelm the nose, or be subtle with just a single small one in those areas. Just be careful to not leave any unattended, since candles can pose a fire hazard if not used safely.


This one you can do on your own, and you’ll end up with a personalised subtle scent that you’ve created yourself. Diffusers can also be left unattended, even if you leave the house. Mix some scented oils until you find a combination that works for you. There is no end to the combinations you can create using different oils at different ratios. When you have a scent that you like, pour your mixture into a mason jar. After that, make some marks on two dowel rods and insert them into the jar. After a day or two, your scented oil concoction will start seeping out of the rods and into the air. You can put the same scent throughout your house, or try different scents for different areas.


Sometimes the kitchen can start to smell a little bit like last week’s leftovers, and that’s not good. Many times, this is because there’s food still sitting in the drain trap, or worse in the drain itself. It might just be sitting there rotting while you go about your day. Make sure to scrape off your dishes into the garbage instead of the sink, and empty out the drain trap every day. If some food gets stuck to the surface of the sink, make sure to clean it immediately. Having a shiny sink can go a long way to keeping your house smelling clean.


Put some water in a pot, and drop in some citrus. Cook to boil, and you’ll have a refreshing summer scent to liven up your home. When it’s wintertime, why not boil up some apple cider or a seasonal scent? You can throw in some cinnamon for a little extra nasal punch. Baking is also a wonderful way to make your home smell cozy and inviting. Not only will these options help with the smell in your home, but you’ll have a tasty treat afterward.


If you have pets, make sure you brush and groom them regularly. Dirt and muck can get caught in their fur and start stinking. Plus, brushing will keep their hair off the furniture and carpets, where it can setting in and give off a stale smell. Make to sure to vacuum as often as possible, ideally every day. For cats, make sure to empty the litter every day. You won’t be able to completely eliminate pet smells, but you can minimise them to a manageable level.


If your family has a habit of leaving dirty clothes for a long time without cleaning them, then change that habit and do laundry regularly. Make sure to switch out kitchen cloths often to prevent bacteria build up. Your garbage cans should have lids, and should never be allowed to overflow. The rule of thumb is that if there’s a possibility of something smelling bad, then deal with it before it becomes a problem.


There are plenty of spraying scents available at retail stores. These scents are a temporary solution, but they can provide a nice short-term smell in a pinch. They will mask bad smells, so they would be useful in a pinch before guests arrive. Simply spray them around the smelly area and you’re good to go.


Unless you live near a landfill, open the window and let the outside in. There’s nothing more invigorating for a stuffy home than fresh air. Breathe it in and enjoy the scents of nature.

Having a nice smelling home isn’t just good for visitors. Coming home to beautiful scents can make you feel good, too. Follow some of these tips for lovely smelling home.


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