Glass or Tile? 15 Tips for Choosing the Right Splashback

September 6, 2016

A splashback in the kitchen is more than just a pretty way to decorate. A splashback helps to protect your walls, tiles and other areas near your cooking space. But, there are often a few different options for a splashback, which can often get overwhelming. It can be hard to choose a splashback when there are many options. Not only do looks play a big part in the decision process, but also the functions of different types of splashbacks. So, which is best? Should you choose a tile splashback? Or a glass splashback? Like many choices of materials in and around the home, there are advantages and disadvantages to both of these types of splashbacks.


1. Modern looks

Glass splashbacks are great for cooking areas of the kitchen or even the whole kitchen if you prefer. They can easily provide a very modern look for your kitchen, regardless of how else you decorate it.

2. It’s brighter

Glass has the advantage of creating a brighter kitchen. As the light reflects on the glass, you may find that it creates a brighter atmosphere. It can also make the kitchen feel larger. As there is often no joins with a glass splashback, so you can get a free-flowing look that is not obtainable with tiles.

3. Easy maintenance

Because there is no grout with a glass splashback, this means it is easier to clean. By using a simple glass cleaner, you can wipe away any stains easily and quickly.

4. Stunning feature

Often, glass splashbacks are used in a contrast colour to the cupboards and other kitchen features. This way, your glass splashback can actually become a feature of the kitchen in its own right.

5. Matching your kitchen

If you choose your benchtop, you may find a matching glass splashback to go with the benchtop. This will be easier if opting for a splashback that is dark in colour. Wooden or bamboo styled benchtops may be best with a tile splashback as there will be more colour and style options.

6. No mould

Because there are no crevices or joins in a glass splashback, there is no room for mould and fungus to grow. This is especially ideal in the kitchen to keep it clean and healthy.


1. Flexibility

There is a wide range of tiles that you can use, ensuring full customisation of your kitchen. There are also numerous styles, sizes and textures available, as opposed to a glass splashback.

2. Traditional looks

If you’re looking for a traditional look for your kitchen, wall tiles are a great option. As wall tiles have always been traditionally used as kitchen splashbacks, this look will compliment old-school styles. For example, a country kitchen will look great with a wall tiled splashback.

3. Low cost

One of the greatest reasons people still opt for a tile splashback is the cost. Glass can be quite expensive, depending on the size of your kitchen and the dimensions you choose. Wall tiles are a lot cheaper and can also be bought as “seconds” at various warehouses.

4. Sizing

Glass splashbacks can sometimes come in sizes not suited to your kitchen, making it hard (or almost impossible) to cut to size. Wall tiles, however, are low cost and easier to cut to size. Because of the various sizes available in wall tiles, you may not even need to cut any tiles to size.

5. Feature tiles

You may find tiles that you love that can be used as a feature tile. Whilst this could be an expensive way to tile your walls as a splashback, you may also choose to only use these special tiles in certain sections. This will reduce costs while still using a specialty tile to feature.

6. Textures and Patterns

Wall tiles have a lot of variations in textures and patterns. On the other hand, glass splashbacks don’t have a huge range of textures or patterns, so your choices are rather limited.


1. Wait!

If you’re really stuck with what kind of splashback to choose, you can wait. It is better to wait than purchase a splashback that you find doesn’t match your kitchen. Choose the rest of your kitchen first and then once the kitchen is complete, you may find that the choice for your splashback is a lot easier.

2. Colours

Although it is nice to choose bold and bright colours, if you’re thinking of re-selling in the future, you may find that this doesn’t appeal to many people in the market. By choosing neutral colours, you will be sure this look will last for years to come, no matter what is on trend. If you really want bright colours in the kitchen, instead choose bright accessories and appliances.

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