How (And Why) Luxury Home Builders are Becoming More Affordable

October 24, 2019

If you hear the word ‘luxury’, you wouldn’t usually follow it up with the word ‘affordable’. However, these two words are slowly starting to become fairly synonymous in the building industry.

Purchasing a new home is never an easy or seamless process. Add building a new home into the mix and it can be even harder and, many assume, more costly. However, the ability of home builders to get better pricing on materials, better deals with subcontractors and to figure out how to make the design as simple, unique and high-end as possible is all in a day’s work for a home builder.

Save on costs and trades

There are some extremely affordable options out there when it comes to choosing ‘luxurious’ building materials for your property. And while some people will immediately jump to the assumption that ‘affordable’ means that it’s not safe or of a high quality, if you know where to look and what to look for, that’s simply not the case. Home builders know exactly where to find top-quality and high-end materials for a fraction of the price. Home builders will also know how to take into account the variables that so many sites have, such as sloping blocks, soil quality and whether the area is prone to natural disasters. This means they build with that knowledge in mind, ensuring the property is safe from the get-go, without compromising on affordability or quality.

When it comes to trades and subcontractors, the same principle applies. Many home builders will have in-house teams, and if they don’t, they’ll have worked with the same people over and over again. These contractors become an ingrained part of the team and often, due to continual work, they’ll provide their services at a discounted rate.

Keeping the design simple

Luxury doesn’t always have to mean overcomplicated or unnecessarily extravagant. In fact, sometimes the most luxurious homes are also the most understated. Many will equate chandeliers, ornate drapes and the ‘best of the best’ finishes with the lap of luxury. However, times (and styles) are changing!

Think about the most luxurious hotels in the world, and you’ll often be met with thoughts of sleek, minimalist designs that let the architecture speak for itself. People no longer want the opulence so often associated with royalty. Rather, they want contemporary and functional styling using high-quality materials, and this is much easier to achieve with limited funds. A minimalist home is bang on trend, super luxurious and helps to keep the costs down.

On top of this, simple designs have been linked to positive psychological effects, and this may give even more reason to leave the design process to the experts. Australians are feeling more stressed than ever before, so keeping things sleek and simple, uncluttered and calm at home can be a huge help, especially when unwinding after a long day at work. Leaving the design details with the experts means they can guide you in your choices to ensure your home is as tranquil as possible, which can only be a good thing for your emotional wellbeing. If you don’t want to build a minimalist home, even talking to experts about designing a well-organised home will help. This means that everything will have its place and you’ll be dealing with less clutter and generally less ‘things’ and less ‘stuff’.

The predictability of costs

Of course, the added benefit of going through a building company is that the costs are predictable, no matter how luxurious choose to make your property.

Building a home based on a design means that the prices are generally locked in during the design process. You know what’s coming and you can anticipate the spend. In fact, this process can save approximately 6% of project costs compared to other building methods, and when you’re building a home, every dollar counts.

Furthermore, the builder will have a clear cost schedule for the project, meaning you can adjust your budget accordingly and anticipate anything that may come your way.

The key here though is to stick to the plan once the build has commenced. Any changes you make may incur a further cost, and these kinds of amendments can have a ripple effect in the build and in the wallet.

Luxury is affordable

The savings when it comes to materials, subcontractors, design and, ultimately, the build means that these days, luxury can be at your fingertips. It’s no longer exclusive to the rich and famous, simply because luxury is becoming more simplistic in design, which means it’s also becoming a lot more affordable for everyone. Add to this the benefit of working with an established builder and the costs can be lowered even further.

Remember – luxury doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. If you want to talk to someone about building your dream luxurious home, get in touch with Endeavour Homes today.


Gemmill Homes has recently changed its name to Endeavour Homes!!!

We are excited with the new name Endeavour Homes, business has been great for our customers and us last year, despite all the craziness of 2020.

Here are some wins:

1. Every one of our display homes won MBA awards in their categories.

2. One of our homes even won an MBA best home in Australia.

3. Most importantly, we have built some beautiful homes for our clients.

Why the name change you may ask?

Here are the two main reasons:

1. We reinvented the way we help clients and have a new way to provide better service, better quality and happier clients than ever before. We want to celebrate these changes with our new name.

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