How to Decorate Your Interior with Plants

September 4, 2015

Using plants as decoration in your home brings a pleasant aesthetic and potentially even good fortune, according to the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui.

Using plants as decoration in your home brings a pleasant aesthetic and potentially even good fortune, according to the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui. A new home completely lacks character before furnishings and decorative items are added. What many people don’t realise, however, is that adding another dimension to the home in the form of plants can work wonders.

Plants are often described as ‘giving life to a space’, and this is quite literally the case. The presence of plants can increase the oxygen content of your room and home. Furthermore, in the cooler months when you may be more inclined to spend time indoors, the addition of plants can help create a sanctuary or oasis of sorts, providing relief from the harsh winter.

Choosing plants

With so many colours, textures, and types of plants able to live indoor, there is no shortage of options, and any decorative scheme can be matched by a plant. The plant you choose can dramatically complement your interior decorations and change the overall look and feel of a room.

When arranging plants indoors there are a few techniques that, if followed, usually yield great results. For example, grouping plants together rather than having them scattered can bring an organised feel to a room. Using plants that graduate downwards in height can draw a space inwards and make it feel fresh yet cosy. Some plants also make great centrepieces and provide a focal point for any room.

Using pots and plant boxes is recommended to maintain some order while adding a contemporary feel to your property. Plant pots are available in various materials to suit the theme of your home, from ceramic to glass to clay. When selecting a pot, try to use neutral colours and stick to sizes that will not dominate your indoor space. Plants should, after all, complement and not overrun your interiors.

So what are some plants you can use indoors? While indoor specific plants don’t necessarily exist, there are a number of plants that can survive (and even thrive) in indoor conditions. This is important as when you bring plants inside they’re missing out on key ingredients such as rain, natural light, and fresh air. Some popular plants for indoor use include:


Adding an element of simplicity and also brightness, orchids are perfect for indoor use. There’s a reason why they’re such a popular housewarming gift!


Palms provide a tropical feel while being extremely easy to maintain, particularly when in indoor conditions. They’re also known to have purification qualities, helping freshen the air in your home.

Peace lilies

The peace lily is a great addition to any interior space, as it brings a fresh flower feeling without the need for the constant upkeep associated with a fresh bouquet of flowers.


This variety of plant is very popular for indoor use as it removes carbon monoxide from the air and is extremely easy to maintain. It’s also easy to place them in corners, adding much needed greenery to large or small spaces.


With an exotic look and purifying qualities, these make perfect gifts and provide a great element of colour to any home.


This flower based plant adds a splash of colour to any room, but it does require some natural light so keeping it near a window is an absolute must. Gerbera’s are great for both bedrooms and kitchens alike.


A character filled plant with low maintenance, cacti are perfect for benchtops as well as bathrooms. They don’t require much watering but they do benefit from some natural sunlight every day.

With so many options for indoor plants, there is something to suit any taste and interior space. Adding colour and life to your home while simultaneously purifying the air, indoor plants are an excellent consideration when decorating a new home or refreshing an existing space.


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