Renovation Builders versus New Home Builders; What’s the Difference?

July 24, 2019

As your family grows, your home may start to really show its age. Older buildings are often less energy efficient and difficult to heat, or may be too small to comfortably house your growing family.

As this occurs, there is a choice to be made – whether to move, renovate, or knock down and build.. Given the attachment that a lot of us feel to our surroundings, the prospect of moving is often totally off the table. Thankfully, both renovating and rebuilding are great ways to alter or replace your home in order to suit the needs of yourself and your family.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to renovate your existing dwelling or to build a brand new home to your exact specifications is a tricky one. Both options have their merits, as well as their drawbacks. With this in mind, we’ve knocked up a quick guide on the difference between renovation builders and new home builders.

Renovation builders

Renovation is the process of restoring or altering the design of your home to an ‘as new’ condition. Generally speaking, renovation is a much less invasive option than rebuilding (depending on the scale and complexity of the slated renovations).

Typical home renovation jobs might include repairing or replacing damaged parts of your house, updating kitchens, bathrooms and electricals, and even adding or removing rooms from your house. In addition, the exterior of the house may be altered to rejuvenate the aesthetics of your dwelling.

Renovation builders specialise in (you guessed it) home renovation! Renovation builders will typically work with designers, draftspeople, and sometimes architects, to alter your existing home.

New home builders

In contrast, new home builders specialise in the knock down and build process – taking an existing dwelling, demolishing and starting again from scratch. Rebuilding has the advantage of being comprehensive – every aspect of the building is new and built to modern standards – and in some cases, can be even cheaper than renovating. Rebuilding a home offers homeowners the opportunity to create a true dream home – a unique opportunity for many.

Often, it is thought that a renovation is cheaper than building a new home. However, new builds are more cost effective per sqm than renovations. Having said this, it’s common to touch less space when renovating compared to building a whole new home.

Endeavour Homes is a Perth-based builder specialising in new home construction. Since 2004, Endeavour Homes has been helping people create their dream homes, with a uniquely streamlined service delivering homes built for people, on time, on budget, and built to your exact specifications.

Arguments in favour of renovation

Renovating a home entails changing the appearance, structure or the layout of a building, as well as making repairs and restoring your home to an ‘as new’ condition. Renovating a house with many smaller rooms often involves ‘opening up’ a space – breaking down walls to offer a more open-plan design.

Ultimately, every renovation is going to differ markedly depending on the scope of the work required. A simple kitchen or bathroom renovation, coupled with a little new paint? No worries. However, more grandiose plans may require more extensive planning and involvement.

Home renovation costs vary, however, it’s generally cheaper than rebuilding, and in some cases, the only option. For example, if your existing home is heritage listed, you live in an apartment or duplex, or if you simply love your existing home’s exterior.

When is knockdown and rebuild the right choice?

Rebuilding involves demolishing your existing house and creating a new one from a blank canvas. Rebuilding is more costly and disruptive than renovation but offers a number of distinct advantages.

Notwithstanding restrictions on demolition, rebuilding is typically the best option if renovating or remodeling would cost more than rebuilding the building. If your building has significant structural problems, such as termites, damp, subsidence or other damage, or is structurally unsafe or unsound, demolition of your building might well be the best choice.

Additionally, if your family’s needs have changed very rapidly, or you simply want a massive change, then rebuilding is the best option for you. For example, if you drastically want to alter the shape or size of your house, it might well be less difficult to knock it all down and start again.

While this may appear daunting, with the help of an established and experienced new home builder, the process can be made dramatically more simple.

Why choose Endeavour Homes for your new home construction?

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We are excited with the new name Endeavour Homes, business has been great for our customers and us last year, despite all the craziness of 2020.

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Anyway, enough about us…now it’s your turn, have a look around our website and see how we can help you.

All the best the Endeavour Homes Team