Tips for Lighting the Different Areas of Your Home

September 5, 2015

Lighting a home is not often thought about as strategically as it should. Light is such an important factor when it comes to making your house feel like a home.

Lighting a home is not often thought about as strategically as it should. Light is such an important factor when it comes to making your house feel like a home. Not only can it make a room more welcoming, comfortable, and attractive, but the right lighting can also affect your home security. Furthermore, poor lighting can have health consequences as it puts undue strain on the eyes.

When determining how to best light up your home, there are a number of things that you should consider. What type of ambience would you like to create? Are there particular areas that demand more light than others? The key to successfully lighting your home lies in addressing the needs of each room separately. This article will outline the main things to consider when you light up your home.


The kitchen is considered to be the hub of every home. Not only is it where the family’s meals are prepared, but it is also often a place where the family dines together and socialises or entertains. It is important to ensure that the cooking area is extremely well lit to reduce strain on the eyes and ensure a safe cooking environment. Down lights and extractor fan lights are popular for these areas.

In areas that are used to dine and socialise rather than cook, directional or pendant lights help create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere while allowing enough adjustability for dual purpose function. These lights are a good option for the kitchen bench or breakfast nook.


Formal dining areas are more about creating a warm and intimate space, so the use of direct light isn’t always necessary. Soft lighting usually works best in these rooms. Hanging lamps, candles, and dimmable overhead lights are all great options.


Variable lighting is a great idea for the lounge room as it allows you to dim the lights for watching television or create a warm ambience for entertaining guests. The use of lamps and up lighting is a favoured technique amongst interior decorators, as they can provide an uplifting level of light without being intrusive.


Mood lighting is important for the bedroom, where you’ll likely want to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Bedside lamps are a must, and remote controlled lighting is a great modern convenience. If you have a dressing table, lamps or soft globes are also a good idea. For children’s bedrooms you may wish to consider soft lights or night lights.


This is the one room where ample lighting is key. Bright lighting near the mirror is important for visibility, particularly when shaving and applying makeup. If bright lights isn’t something you want to see in the bathroom at night, you can implement soft lighting for nighttime use. An undercabinet light is great for this purpose.

Directional downlights in a bathroom can help provide the right angle for functional use, particularly in front of the mirror, helping to avoid shadows. Being a wet room, it’s always important to follow regulations when placing lights in the bathroom.

Hallways and staircases

Bright lighting is essential in hallways and on staircases. This is primarily for safety reasons, and to make transitioning between rooms easy. Clear overhead lights are the best option, positioned so as not to create shadows. Character can be added by introducing recessed lights for ambience, but these should always complement the main overhead lights.

When planning the lighting for each room, think about the function of the room and the ambience you’d like to create. It’s also important to see if you can utilise natural light as not only is it more energy efficient, but a dose of sunlight is always welcome in any home.

In addition to the actual light fittings, mirrors, wall coverings, and window coverings can all help modulate the amount of light in each room and create the desired mood.


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