Wallpaper Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

May 24, 2016

There are so many creative ways to decorate and style your home, that sometimes one of the most versatile gets overlooked. That’s right; humble wallpaper can provide plenty of looks and style ideas that you’ll have trouble choosing between them.
There are so many creative ways to decorate and style your home, that sometimes one of the most versatile gets overlooked. That’s right; humble wallpaper can provide plenty of looks and style ideas that you’ll have trouble choosing between them. It’s not just for covering walls anymore. Here are some inspired ways that you can use wallpaper to liven up your home décor.

On the ceiling

There came a time when wallpapering the ceiling was seen as tacky and old-fashioned. That time is long gone. In the past a wallpapered ceiling had the same paper as the wall, now it can have a different pattern to provide a pop of colour or to accent the rest of the room’s with inspiring décor. It’s an especially good strategy for bedrooms, as the patterns are visible while looking up from the bed. This method works best when the colours in the ceiling contrast each other and match with the dominant colours and patterns of the rest of the room. It’s a tactic that can help provide a more complete look and feel of a room.

On the furniture

Maybe you have an old dresser lying around the house that doesn’t quite fit the décor of any of the rooms. Or, maybe, you have a lampshade that’s become a bit worn down or dated. Wallpaper is extremely versatile, so there’s no doubt you’d be able to find a pattern or shade to fit the room. Use it to paper over drawers in dressers to provide a nice pop of excitement to an otherwise bland piece of furniture. You can even paper the sides of the drawers so that there’s a nice colourful surprise every time they’re opened. Paper over that lampshade in a flashy design to give it new life. Wallpaper can be used on almost any piece in the house to revitalise and refresh the look.

Fun designs

There are many great things about wallpaper, and one of those things is that it’s easy to cut through it. This means that you can create any number of designs to stick on your wall. Children will delight in cut out animal shapes, cityscapes, or anything you or they can imagine. You can turn a child’s bedroom into a creative and fun place to grow and play. As they grow older and their interests change, the designs can be replaced by something more mature or more suitable. It doesn’t just have to be for fun, either. You can cut up your wallpaper to resemble a map of the world, and give your children the chance to learn as they spend time in their room.

On the stairs

Similar to the drawer idea, a subtle place to put a pop of colour or style is the little thought about stair riser. Find a design that either contrasts or matches the colour scheme around the staircase to provide pop where there might not normally be one. Some designers like to buy wallpaper with patterns on them that will give the feeling of heading down (or up) a path, or through a forest canopy as they rise on the stairs. The possibilities are endless. This is one spot that is sure to be noticed by guests and is sure to be a conversation starter.

As accents

Adding a splash of colour or design to an otherwise monochrome piece or room is sure to catch the eye. You can accent certain pieces or spots in a room by pasting on some bold wallpaper. This means you can provide a fun background for your bookshelf instead of the boring monochrome that bookshelves usually are. Or, perhaps there’s a fireplace that’s looking a little run down or dated. Placing some wallpaper that contrasts with the rest of the room can make that detrimental piece into an attractive focal point in no time. It could be that you’d like to highlight a certain wall to bring out the colour or contrast in the other 3. Wallpaper can help do that. A popular way to provide a pop is to paper one wall in the same colour as your accents for the rest of the room. This will bring focus not just to the wall, but to those pieces as well.

On doors

Closet doors are especially fun places to add a bit of pizzazz. In the bathroom, paper over a door in a soft pastel to match the relaxing vibe we like our bathrooms to give off. One neat trick is to paste squares from several patterns of paper. The contrast will draw eyes and give the door a unique and artsy look. If you’ve got a door with a large frame and panels in the middle, then papering over one of those pieces and leaving the rest the original colour will make the door infinitely more interesting.

Wallpaper has been much maligned in the past, but by being creative, wallpaper can be a budget-friendly way to liven up your home.


Gemmill Homes has recently changed its name to Endeavour Homes!!!

We are excited with the new name Endeavour Homes, business has been great for our customers and us last year, despite all the craziness of 2020.

Here are some wins:

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